Emotional Support for a Family Photo Shoot!

We had family pictures taken on Monday evening and the photographer just messaged to say they are just about ready to view! 💕🙏💕

We've been so blessed to live in the UK for the last 2.5 years and extreme gratitude comes over me thinking about it! What a beautiful place we’ve been able to call home.

If you haven't heard the news yet, we're moving back to the states soon!

I'd been praying for great weather for Monday since we’d already moved our session a few times. And time is not on our side with the move quickly approaching.

I was already feeling stressed and overwhelmed...because you know....family photo sessions 🤪 they can be stressful anyway, and me wanting them to turn out perfect before we leave here added to the stress🤦‍♀️🤣.

I am sure they are great!! We had an amazing photographer, and I covered us all in all the oils before the shoot! 🙌

🌱Peace & calming to help calm my nerves and enjoy our photoshoot in the park.

🌱Valor because it's the confidence oil and helped us get through a bittersweet photo shoot today.

🌱Hope blend because it is such an amazing oil for feeling hopeful for the future, especially with everything happening right now.

🌱Gratitude oil because it was created to help open the heart and mind to the gifts we have right in front of us.

🌱Present time to enjoy the present moment and soak it all up!!

Scents can have such a powerful impact on our emotions. Monday was a memorable day in so many ways, and these oils were a huge part of that.🙏 stay tuned he should be sending the link anytime now and I may share a few!!!

Have you used oils for emotional support? What are your favorites?

GF Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Banana Break

Another WINNER from the Beaming Baker!!!

Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (gf)

Thankful that Julianna loves to bake all the goodness for us!! 

Essential Oils are NOT Created Equal

I’ve verbally used this analogy for years but I love the visual that someone shared and it inspired me to put pen to paper ;)  
I was talking to a friend the other day and out of nowhere, she says, “Okay, I seriously don’t get your obsession with essential oils. We used an entire bottle of Lavender over the course of a month to help our son sleep and it did absolutely nothing.”

When I asked her where she got the Lavender she said, “Target. It was 3 bucks in the dollar spot section.”

So here’s the deal friends. I’m gonna say this really loud for the skeptics in the back. IT MATTERS WHERE YOU BUY YOUR OILS FROM!

I could stand on my soapbox and talk about safety and purity for days, but let’s just take a quick look at quality.

Young Living is the only company that can guarantee you’re getting a first distillation batch of oils.

First distillation? What the heck does that mean?

Let’s talk about it from the perspective of coffee. We all understand coffee right?

The coffee on the left was the first pot of coffee I brewed this morning with fresh ground beans. That’s a first distillation cup of coffee.

I then brewed another cup using the same grounds as before. Second distillation.

Making se

I did this four more times using those same coffee grounds getting me all the way to a 6th distillation cup of coffee.

This is what you’re buying off of the shelf of Target, WalMart, TJMaxx, WholeFoods, or any other big box retailer. 6th distillation (or even higher) bottles of oils. On average, most companies are taking these 6th distillations (and higher), adding in some synthetic materials, putting them on their shelves, and calling this dirty water, essential oils.

That’s why they don’t work for you. If this was how Starbucks was brewing and serving up your coffee, I’m pretty certain you’d frantically search for a better option.

So if essential oils aren’t working for you, if my posts about them make you roll your eyes because you’ve been there, done that with no success, think about the source and consider a better option.

We can have a real coffee or tea if you prefer...same concept ;) and I can help you learn more about pure oils as we have the real stuff that we diffuse throughout our home, put on and in our bodies and we enjoy how they support all the things to be better versions of ourselves.

Post Inspired by @Forwearesaltandlight

Gut Health♡

Gut health is everything!

Our gut health is linked to our immune health and our brain/emotional health. If you want optimal wellness, you must focus on your gut because it's pretty much the powerhouse of your body.

Did you know:

🔸️the majority of your immune system is housed in your gut?

🔸️70% of our serotonin (our happy chemical in the brain) is also found in the gut?

So if you want to be happy and healthy, taking care of your gut should be a priority! ❤️

There are so many ways to support your health and a healthy gut naturally!

I'm super fascinated + passionate about gut health. It is has been such a huge part of my journey to increased wellness over the last few years. I teach about Gut Health often and personally 1:1 by request. Gut health is essential to our wellbeing. 

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a trusted resource. 
She writes:
"Mental health, digestive health, and immunity start in the gut. Let's face it: Gut health governs so many things in our bodies. Take care of your gut health and you will not only feel better physically, but you'll notice an increase in energy and may even get relief from depression and anxiety.  To find out how to use essential oils to support optimum gut health without upsetting the delicate microflora or pH of your system."
Read her blog post:

Easy Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Where are my GF, V, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free friends!!??

You will want these in your life!! I have the kids on repeat making these...
perhaps this is why I am gaining the Q15. 😳😂

BUT they are soooo good and hard to resist! We have made them with sultanas/raisins and sometimes with dark chocolate chips!

Mini muffins, regular muffins, small loaves, a big loaf...You decide!!

Easy Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins Recipe: This site is amazing! She has some great recipes!!

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