Gut health is everything!

Our gut health is linked to our immune health and our brain/emotional health. If you want optimal wellness, you must focus on your gut because it's pretty much the powerhouse of your body.

Did you know:

🔸️the majority of your immune system is housed in your gut?

🔸️70% of our serotonin (our happy chemical in the brain) is also found in the gut?

So if you want to be happy and healthy, taking care of your gut should be a priority! ❤️

There are so many ways to support your health and a healthy gut naturally!

I'm super fascinated + passionate about gut health. It is has been such a huge part of my journey to increased wellness over the last few years. I teach about Gut Health often and personally 1:1 by request. Gut health is essential to our wellbeing. 

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a trusted resource. 
She writes:
"Mental health, digestive health, and immunity start in the gut. Let's face it: Gut health governs so many things in our bodies. Take care of your gut health and you will not only feel better physically, but you'll notice an increase in energy and may even get relief from depression and anxiety.  To find out how to use essential oils to support optimum gut health without upsetting the delicate microflora or pH of your system."
Read her blog post:


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