We had family pictures taken on Monday evening and the photographer just messaged to say they are just about ready to view! 💕🙏💕

We've been so blessed to live in the UK for the last 2.5 years and extreme gratitude comes over me thinking about it! What a beautiful place we’ve been able to call home.

If you haven't heard the news yet, we're moving back to the states soon!

I'd been praying for great weather for Monday since we’d already moved our session a few times. And time is not on our side with the move quickly approaching.

I was already feeling stressed and overwhelmed...because you know....family photo sessions 🤪 they can be stressful anyway, and me wanting them to turn out perfect before we leave here added to the stress🤦‍♀️🤣.

I am sure they are great!! We had an amazing photographer, and I covered us all in all the oils before the shoot! 🙌

🌱Peace & calming to help calm my nerves and enjoy our photoshoot in the park.

🌱Valor because it's the confidence oil and helped us get through a bittersweet photo shoot today.

🌱Hope blend because it is such an amazing oil for feeling hopeful for the future, especially with everything happening right now.

🌱Gratitude oil because it was created to help open the heart and mind to the gifts we have right in front of us.

🌱Present time to enjoy the present moment and soak it all up!!

Scents can have such a powerful impact on our emotions. Monday was a memorable day in so many ways, and these oils were a huge part of that.🙏 stay tuned he should be sending the link anytime now and I may share a few!!!

Have you used oils for emotional support? What are your favorites?


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