We discovered Young Living Essential Oils while searching for a better way to support our children’s respiratory systems. Our pediatrician  would have to prescribe oral steroids to 2 of our children at least twice each year during cold +flu season when their systems became severely compromised. 

Another doctor, a specialist, who I respect and trusted had prescribed a small dose of an inhalant steroid starting in October and going through February as an attempt to get us through the season without oral steroids. 

I was disheartened that our kids were needing such strong medication.

It was November of 2013 when we started looking for answers. Our children were 3, 5 + 7.  
Over the last six years, we have discovered many alternative ways to more naturally support our bodies by living the YL lifestyle and learning through this like minded community. 

A friend shared her YL story with me which sent me on a research journey of essential oils. There is a lot of information out there.  It is important to know the source of information and most importantly the source of where your oils come from and how they are made to give you the purest, most therapeutic oil available. I only want the best quality for my family, and Young Living is the world leader and stood above all others.

Young Living is so much more than essential oils. They offer a plant based, non toxic lifestyle from essential oils, oil infused supplements, personal care, animal care, cleaning and so much more! I would be honored to help you experience YL with me.

xo, daniela


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