I’ve gotten lots of messages about the c-virus and am in a parent chat group where it is the only thing being talked about at the moment.

I’m going to leave this right here from Lindsey Elmore 🙂

I’m not going to tell you what things from YL she’s referring to in this post (to stay compliant).

I’m not going to give my personal thoughts on it. I am very confident in what we do and focus on in our home. ❤️ and I also don’t walk around with my head in the clouds and think that we are invincible. We do our best to stay diligent with food choices, hygiene practices and the best essential oils and eo infused supplements to keep our bodies above the wellness line. We are far from walking in perfect health but we are aware and teaching our kids to be as well. 

Here’s the post: 

Lindsey elmore, pharmacist:
How I am preparing for the coronavirus.⁣

As much as I wanted to answer this question with “I’m not. Live without fear.” I have been asked by too many people what to do to prevent coronavirus infection in their home. The news reports are scary, but we can take a few easy steps that prevent viral infections of all kinds. ⁣

First and foremost, don’t panic. Remember that though the virus is making waves on the news, it is really not very deadly and most people recover without intervention. Stress completely hijacks the immune system and makes us less able to fight infection. Try some simple meditation and deep breathing exercises to help reduce stress. ⁣

Next, wash your hands regularly with soap and water. No need to use antibacterial soap. Diverse bacteria on the skin actually supports the function of the immune system. And, given that the coronavirus is a virus, antibacterial soap will do nothing to help ward off the virus.⁣

Exercise on the regular. Cardiovascular exercise expands the lungs, and may help to flush bacteria and virus from the system. Deep breathing associated with exercise also helps to create an energetic barrier between you and the outside world.⁣

Stay hydrated. Water is necessary for the function of the immune system, and caffeine, alcohol, and exercise rapidly deplete it. Stay off the alcohol and coffee if you’re facing infection.⁣

Try supplements like Vitamin C, B-vitamins, multiple vitamins, and glutathione. Also, pay attention to your gut and take a probiotic to prevent the ability of bacteria and viruses to enter your body.⁣

Slllllllllleeeeeeeeeepppp. During sleep, the body produces cytokines that help to propel the immune system into action, and even help us to sleep longer, perpetuating the cycle of healing.⁣

Keep to a plant based diet that includes antiviral foods packed with antioxidants like mushrooms, garlic, ginger, kimchi, and elderberry.⁣

Last, but not least, avoid contact with anyone who is infected. It is the simplest way to avoid infection.⁣

Going back from whence we came: Don’t panic. There is a reason that news is news. Go forth with confidence and trust that health and wellness is already within you. ⁣


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