August Newsletter 


 Calm Cool & Collected

As the end of summer sunsets come to a close, we can start to think about all the good things we can do for others and our health and wellness going into the Autumn days ahead. Whether you spend more time at home with work, or homeschooling the kiddos, taking care of loved ones, or you are off and running as usual to work and back to school, it is important  to keep our bodies healthy + strong!  

In this month's issue look for oily ways to keep your immune system at its best. Forge ahead with helpful DIY recipes and special products. You will feel empowered to do all the things you need to do, with a brave heart, while staying calm, cool & collected!

 Strong - Brave - Calm 

 Diffusing essential oils daily does a body good! Did you know that simply breathing in essential oils can help balance emotions for all ages by assisting with focus, sleep, attention and calm with just a few drops of natures goodness? 
We could ALL use a little help from our little friends! 
EO'S pack a powerful punch of just what we need in our daily lives to support our everyday needs and desires for our mind, body & spirit!



   Applying essential oils should be part of your daily routine.  It is another Ah-mazing way to give our bodies the special and customized support they need

We are the gatekeepers of our home + our bodies. We GET TO  decide what we need and when! Keeping our bodies strong during challenging times is not only SMART and easy to do!

Thieves the Day
    Did you know that toxins  lurk in many other commercial cleaners & personal care products? NOT on Young Living's watch! 

Thieves the day with so many options to keep yourself healthy and your home, hands & surfaces clean! 100% safe for ALL the fingerprints in everyone's family! 

Natural Assistance
KidScents Unwind

It’s no surprise kids’ minds and bodies don’t always want to settle down at the end of the day. Help ease over stimulation with KidScents Unwind! 

This simple supplement features natural calming superstars like Magnesium and Lavender! Formulated for kids, A Ok for parents too!


Respiratory Support

Chest Rub info
 This limited time edition is available for members only. It comes in a 15 ml size to be plentiful for you and your family to breathe a little easier. I personally think the aroma of this blend diffusing is like a day at the spa! 
Breathe Again info
DIY - Face Mask Spray
Breathe Easier

Wearing masks are not our favorite thing to do! But while we may need to wear them for work and to get errands done, we can enjoy a little aromatherapy to help us breathe a little easier at the same time! 

This DIY face mask refresher spray is easy to make + portable to take with you on the go! You can choose your favorite oils or enjoy this simple recipe. 


Product Spotlight

Let's celebrate the joy of creating Unity and Connection with Young Living within our communities by opening up our hearts to love + service for others. This blend was formulated by a graduate of the Young Living Foundation Academy to encourage a bright outlook on life and the awareness that we are all in this together. 

Made with 100 percent pure essential oils from around the globeproduced by YL Seed to Seal® quality commitment, including Ylang Ylang and Valor® essential oil blend to invoke confidence, as well as Ocotea from Ecuador and Lemon and Lime to uplift. Northern Lights Black Spruce and Spearmint help invigorate the senses. 

In the spirit of this uplifting, connecting blend, 35 percent of each wholesale purchase goes to the Foundation to empower, improve, inspire, and change the lives of those in need.


Blueberry - Lavender Ice Cream

Blueberry-Lavender Ice Cream Video