July Newsletter 

 Stress Free Summer

 The world is ever changing and we all want good health, happiness and peace of mind. 

Wherever you are or whatever you're doing these summer dayslet's dive into this month's issue for some 'cool' treats, 'new' products and some simple 'natural' ways to help us have a  no stress summer and forget the rest!


If you don't get to  The Beach  No worries  Diffuse this 
Ah-Mazing blend of Stress Away & Lime! Did you know that Stress Away has a sweet citrus tropical aroma, formulated with Lime, Lavender, Cedarwood, and other pure essential oils for a well-rounded and relaxing aroma? Promotes relaxation and a calming environment with an inviting aroma that helps calm the mind and melts any stress away!



De-stress without the harsh chemicals, anytime, anywhere. Roll away with Young Living's Stress Away Roll-on. This proprietary blend has natural chemical properties to provide you with a comforting & exotic aroma to create a relaxing moment in everyday life. Whether you’re applying it as a personal fragrance or creating a relaxing massage experience.

     Keeping Busy with summer sports and activities? Whether your swimming for hours, going on nature hikes or working hard in your garden, your muscles may get sore & fatigued. 
 Cool Azul cream (VIDEO) or Cool Azul Sports gel (PDF) will most certainly give you the cooling & natural pain relief you need to keep you on the go so you enjoy your summer! 

Cool Summer Treats
NingXia Red Popsicles

Enjoy this easy to make healthy summer treat that will keep you cool and fun for the kiddos to make. Add some fresh berries too for an extra punch of goodness!

NingXia Red's powerful blend of super-fruits will give you the antioxidant support you need to help keep your immune system strong, and great for your total health & wellness!


Cool Summer Drinks

Add a can of NingXia Zyng instead of coconut water for a refreshing, hydrating splash of energy on those hot days to keep up your summer spirit! 

Mocktail Recipes
Wolfberry ColeSlaw

Add this cool & crispy side dish to any summer meal. Your mouth will enjoy the flavor parade that is packed full of healthy veggies along with the most nutrient rich superfruit wolfberries - on the planet! 

Keep your Drinks Cool

YL Blog ICE CUBE Recipes