October Newsletter 


 Healthy Harvest! 

AUTUMN DAYS ARE HERE! Cooler weather, colorful leaves and the holidays are fast approaching. With every changing season we need to Harvest The Best Of All Things including for our Health + Wellness.

 IN THIS ISSUE... You will find lots of tricks  and get a wagon ride to many healthy treats for the whole family! You will learn the ABC's of CBD and we will show you some product wellness picks, wonderful Fall diffuser recipes and a super cool harvest with NEW products spotlight for the kiddos!

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 Fall Aromas

Diffuse - Roll -Spray

 The smells of Fall are so inviting when it comes to all things pumpkin spice, cinnamon and orange. 
Many Fall scents anything - from candles to room sprays are loaded with not so great ingredients and toxins that we would rather not have on our bodies or in our homes. 
GOOD NEWS!  We can trust all products with Young Living. They have the Seed to Seal promise to bring us the highest quality essential oils and ingredients in all products.   
Enjoy the scents of Fall  with these 6 different Fall bliss recipes that you can use 3 different ways! 
 Harvest Wellness Picks

This cool little kit has five distinct aromas help to soothe, comfort, refresh, and calm. Just the right oils for just the right thing! 

There are many ways to support your  wellness this Fall! Check out these mini kits to see how easy it can be! 

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 This aromatherapy kit is designed to help refresh, soothe and cool! 

This is another mini kit to keep for yourself or gift to a friend.  It is designed to help you get back to your best, healthy self! 




Take a virtual look and learn all the ABC'S of CBD!

 Young Living has partnered with an amazing company, Natures Ultra, who stands by our Seed to Seal standards  for harvesting its CBD. This beautiful relationship gives you "Smart Spectrum", a truly unique and quite frankly the best CBD formulation on the planet!


Healthy Trick -Or -Treats 


  Oily Fun Tricks


These fun and thrilling Spooky Sprays, will surely bring some excitement and target assistance when your kids need it most! Have them be large and in charge with room & linen sprays for restful bedtime, calm any frightened nerves and Joy in the morning!

Check out the Monster Sticker labels below, good to stick on any DIY 10 ML Rollers or 3 oz spray bottles!

Pumpkim Pie Playdoh


How fun! Homemade play dough without any harmful dyes or ingredients. It smells AMAZING and even has immune boosting properties. 

PLUS, it is super easy to make!!

 2 cups cornstarch

 1 cup Kidscents lotion

 4 drops cardamom

 2 drops orange

 1 drop cinnamon bark

 1 drop clove

Mix all the ingredients together and let your kiddos play!


Diffuse Halloween

Trick or Treater's will come & go! 
Enjoy these lingering Fall Festive Diffuser Blends Anytime!
Decorate your diffuser with fun decals!

 Pumpkin Carving

Do you enjoy carving pumpkins each year? It can be such a fun time! But have you ever had your pumpkins start to rot before Halloween?  You have to try this awesome oil hack to keep your pumpkins happy and healthy so much longer after all the carving fun!

Ready?! It’s so easy! Simply spray the inside of your pumpkin with your Thieves Household Cleaner!! Don’t have THC? Mix up a few drops of Thieves essential oil with some distilled water and a tiny pinch of salt in a glass spray bottle, and use that instead!

You’ll be amazed how much longer your pumpkins will last!!

Who’s carving pumpkins this year?!

Enjoy some of these Healthy Fall Treats with your little Ghosts & Goblins!


Kids Product Spotlight


EMPOWERING and TEACHING our kids  young about SELF -CARE THROUGH NATURAL WAYS is so important AND healthy for them too!  They can learn the difference between how promoting healing and feeling better doesn't always require a trip to the doctor! Help them LEARN to help themselves (with assistance while they're little) to stay well! A healthier diet, a good nights sleep, exercise and balancing their emotions too are great places to start! 

Kids on the Go
Introducing the ultimate parenting tool kit with our KidScents Roll-On Collection.

 Your favorite KidScents essential oil blends are ready to roll! 
This collection features six superstar blends to support your child's needs.  Each custom blend is ready for easy application and portability in a convenient roller for natural solutions anytime, anywhere. 

Healthy Kids

Let’s face it, sometimes life can be big and unsettling for children. We know they have the power to face all of life’s big and little challenges, but sometimes they need help discovering that power inside themselves. KidPower is a unique, everyday blend formulated to help inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity at home, at school, or on the playground. 

Apply KidPower on your children’s wrists or back of the neck to inspire, motivate, and empower them for their best day every day. You can also diffuse it daily to promote feelings of courage and inspire positivity to help children find their power within! 

Kid Power