September Newsletter 


 You Are Essential!

 Are you an essential worker or teacher? Are you in an office all day or on the go ? In a traditional classroom or a new homeschool teacher? 

Regardless of what you do, YOU are essential!  In our current situation, you may find yourself in a new position or environment. You might have a different schedule and expectations.

 In this issue you can learn, take note, bookmark and save some of the essential ways to stay healthy. You can feel good about  keeping your environment cleaner and practicing self care. Let's conquer September together with these essential tips, recipes, and ideas! 

 Knowledge is Power 

 Essential Info!
  Did you know studies are always being done on essential oils? This is great news! So many people are becoming more aware of the powerful properties  they contain, 
from the positive results they are experiencing 
from their personal use! 
Essential oils are a more safe and natural way for practicing  self care and may help target your wellness goals! They can support you and your loved ones health & wellness for life!

3 Ways to Wellness


 Diffusing or breathing in from your hands.
 A practical and simple way that can help balance emotions for ALL ages! 

EO's can assist with focus, sleep, energy and calm
 with just a few drops of  single or oil blends
Essential oils are great purifiers of the air in your home environment!  Check out the diffuser
 class  in our oil education group,  LILO below! 
If you are a member on our team and not on FB, please let me know and we will get you the information. 

There are 3 ways to use essential oils daily to help support ongoing wellness. 


Applying essential oils should be part of your daily routine.  
It is another way to give our bodies the special and customized support they need. 



Dietary use of Young Living Vitality Oils is 
another easy and effective way to bring needed supplements to support your body, add wonderful flavor in 
some of your favorite food dishes, smoothies & more! 

With YL top-notch Seed to Seal and safety standards and FDA approved for GRAS (generally regarded as safe) you can be confidant of using the purest & safest oils for ingestion. 


 SUPER SIZE your Diffuser Combo

These are extra SPECIAL recipes because you can create a desired blend for target support in LARGE quantity! You will have enough leftover in this DIY bottle to diffuse calm, focus or cleansing for the whole classroom, office, studio or break room for weeks or even a couple months!!


 We all could use a little calm in our very busy and sometimes hectic days! Remaining calm is essential to overall wellness and positive attitude. 

Well, this super-size diffuser recipe will do just that, and you will have a more lasting supply of instant calm whenever and wherever needed!


 Want to keep a room full of kids or colleagues focused and at attention? 

This uplifting diffuser blend can be used time and time again with your bulk DIY bottle full, for a quick way to perk everyone up! Great for respiratory support as well! 

We are the gatekeepers of our home! We GET TO CHOOSE what our family may get exposed to! 

Diffusing essential oils is a natural alternative to using toxic room deodorizing sprays, & candles that can also be very harmful and compromise our immune system.


Ready to Roll

   Applying essential oils should be part of your wellness routine.  It is an easy way to target support on 
ourselves & kiddos. 

Portability is another plus for home or on the go! 
These Pre-made rollers will be your best friend! They make the perfect gift for your favorite essential worker.  

DIY Roller

 Busy schedules and deadlines that come with juggling work, school and family life, can cause some unwanted tension and loss of focus. 

This DIY roller is not just for students! It also promotes easier breathing and energy!

Check out more recipes like these in our Teacher Essentials album!



Vitality Cooking 101

Do you like to take time to cook? Or does it need to be
 quick and easy? 
As long as your choosing healthy options, you are cooking and eating what is good for your health! 

Try adding YL Vitality Oils to some of your favorite dishes, instead of fresh or dried herbs! You can even use both! No matter how advanced or simple you make your food, you may find this healthy way to spice things up, pretty cool! 


Cooking with Vitality Oils

Learn more about cooking with Young Living productsfrom the Vitality line of dietary essential oils to our einkorn grain—with our 

"From Our Fields To Your Table" cookbook.  Item # 5689 when you log into your account!  

Find recipes for beverages, main dishes, sides, desserts, and gluten-free dishes for any occasion. We’ve even included member-contributed recipes that were too good not to share! 

Food for Thought
Spice things up

Fall is right around the corner, and everywhere we turn "it's all about the pumpkin!" So kick it up a notch with this DIY healthy Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte Creamer. Store in a food safe container in your refrigerator.

For an instant morning or anytime latte, simply add to your regular cup of coffee and enjoy the moment!


 Breakfast with Vitality

On those mornings when you've got that craving for Pancakes! Top them off  with a delicious drizzle of NingXia Berry Syrup

Enjoy the delicious flavor and health benefits of wolfberries and citrus essential oils with other naturally sourced ingredients such as blueberry, plum, sweet cherry, aronia, and pomegranate.

 You may win over your family with this one, and you’ll love that it’s made without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial coloring. 
 Wolfberry Muffins


Product Spotlight

Bloom where you're Planted
Be sure to take a little time for your self care, with a great skin care routine!
BLOOM by Young Living Brightening Skin Care Collection will do exactly that! BLOOM is a system created with care for brighter and more luminous skin using natural, clean ingredients.  BLOOM Brightening Skin Care leaves you with radiant, glowing skin!